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Welcome to The School of Unlimited Life (SOUL), 
a global community of Agents of Awakening and Unicorns who support, encourage and inspire one another, while activating each other’s purpose. 
IT'S A COMMUNITY THAT PROVIDES YOU WITH advanced tools, and causes you to get out of your head and “get on with getting on” with the life you know is possible! 

This is your new exciting and grounding place to thrive, shift, learn and get inspired, both online and in person. (With wicked, awesome, caring, ongoing Unicorn support!) 
“ Omg! Totally shifts my focus! So grateful to the Universe for bringing me Jennifer, the TWA team, and everyone here! Gonna listen again, right away... great help for shifting out of regret to Yes! Thank U Universe!”
Honolulu, HI
“I fully realize now how important it is to follow my happiness, rather than focus on our typical three-dimensional way of being. 

It's everything! You guys rock!”
New York
What is the School of Unlimited Life (SOUL) 
With all sorts of generous support... exponential living tools, advanced skills to thrive, programs that activate your next level and loving accountability in a community of like-minds.
You pick your level of “game on-ness,” and off we go!  
The School of Unlimited Life
Which level of Unlimited Life are you up for?
SOUL 101: 
This level is for those who are discovering themselves, and who want a taste of the freedom that comes from the new operating system for thriving. Those who want movement in the areas that seem stuck in their lives, and love to receive free stuff!

SOUL Bachelor's Degree: 
This level is for those who feel drawn to the work to Awaken and embody, seekers of deeper wisdom, those who want to go beyond the status quo in life, and who look to advance with a juicy community and ongoing personal guidance, so they’re not on their journey alone.

SOUL Honors Degree: 
This level is for seekers who know they came here to experience all of who they are, and who love the efficiency that comes from community and teachers on the leading edge. Those who want to be up-to-date on the skills to activate their future without the past in the way, and who want the exponential assistance of a like-minded community. Those who want tough questions answered regularly, so they can flow and move exponentially faster through life’s challenges, disruption or issues. Those who don’t want a guru, but a guide.
The details of each level below will provide you with an outline of each program. 
It’s all about staying in flow with ease, because I love the fast track, efficiency and being assisted to thrive instead of doing it on my own. It’s so much easier with SOUL Family.  
“Why the heck would I want an Unlimited Life, Jennifer?!?!”(aka, the benefits to you)
  • Ongoing support, along with tools and guidance to quantum leap you, instead of getting linear results
  • You want to be part of something BIGGER than yourself… so you can move toward your own “bigness,” and be supported by those doing the same
  • You want to know that changing your world also changes the world
  • You want to feel seen, heard and supported, so you can confidently go on your journey.
  • ​You'll be on the leading edge of life, able to ride out anything and everything that comes your way with joy and glee, no longer subject to the effect of external circumstances, events or human dramas.
Which track are you ready for, oh lovely one?
SOUL 101
$0/month (‘cause we are gifting this to you)
VALUE $300
  • Free videos and audios 
  • ​The First 3 Days of the 12 Days of Awakening
  • ​The First 3 Days of the 30 Days of Activations
  • ​Innate Ability #37; all about the magnetics of thriving
  • ​​The First 3 Dimensions of the 12 Dimensions of DNA 
  • ​Intro classes to three different Get Out of Your Own Ways™ (Purpose, Prosperity & Abundance, Going Direct with Innate Wisdom)
  • ​​Intro to what we do at TWA (so worth listening to)
  • ​​The instructions for listening to each of these videos/audios in a way that will expand your ability to thrive at the perfect, exponentially delicious pace.
SOUL Bachelor’s Degree
$33/month for 12 months or $333 for the year
Value $1049 (Savings is 60%)
GET All SOUL 101 benefits, plus automatic inclusion in: 
  • 12 Days of Awakening full program ($200)
  • First three classes of Innate Abilities ($150)
  • ​​MONTHLY HEART SPARKS: Q&A call, where you can ask Jennifer direct questions about your life, paradigms that you struggle with, and activate the shifts in consciousness that month ($399/year)
  • ​​COMMUNITY PAGE: Our Private Facebook page, with Jennifer and team giving input and guidance, asking powerful questions to forward your life, posting podcasts that make you think, and providing the platform to brainstorm and co-conspire with your community ($300)
  • ​​Guidance for listening to each of these videos/audios in a way that will expand your ability to thrive at the perfect, exponentially delicious pace.
* Program is for ONE FULL YEAR, then goes month-to-month after that.

** You'll receive an email with the option to cancel just before your year is automatically renewed as month-to-month.
SOUL Honors Degree
$55/month for 12 months or $555 for the year
Value is $3100 (Savings is 82%)
All SOUL Bachelors benefits, plus the following: 
  • Home Study - 30 Days of Activations ($299)
  • Home Study - 12 Dimensions of DNA ($199)
  • ​ 6 Bonus Innate Abilities
  • One new Home Study per year; activating a new paradigm for that year ($250)
  • One Get Out online program per year, or 50% off any “in person” Get Out ($555)
  • 30% off the second one; live, home study, or online (appx $166 value)
  • 50% off our annual convention (value $144)
  • ​Agents of Awakening interviews with Jennifer Hough, with leaders and Bridge Builders of Global Shifts from around the world, to inspire and uplift you. Leaders like Christy Whitman (NYT Best Selling Author), Natalie Ledwell (Mind Movies), Shannon Graham (Master Bridge Builder), and so many more friends and colleagues that Jennifer has developed over the years ($500)
* Program is for ONE FULL YEAR, then goes month-to-month after that.

** You'll receive an email with the option to cancel just before your year is automatically renewed as month-to-month.
You blew my mind today, you crazy woman! I so love you! Talk about someone who shakes trees... I look forward to the day I meet you. Not sure when yet, but I know I will finally get to hug you and thank you. 

When I say "blew my mind," it's nothing short of a life-altering truth, and I am forever grateful.
Gainesville, Florida
"For me, the TWA programs feel like letting go into love... so that I can be more real and dance with all life. These monthly calls feel like a super-tune-up; as though the 'tangles' in my brain are getting unknotted. I feel less overwhelmed, and able to get back on track with my heart after the calls. This helps in all areas of my life. Sometimes there are things on my insides that put up a fight, but even that is melting into love :)" 
Canmore, BC, Canada
Sounds awesome, sign me up!
When I was a teenager, I instinctively knew we could live life in flow. Yep, a little weird, but school, parents and friends all had the same answers… and not the ones that helped. Through a series of Awakened dreams, I cracked the code and started teaching a new operating system that was way easier than what I learned from so many spiritual teachers. But, last year, I was finding myself unable (for the first time in a long time) to keep up with changes in finances, relationships, and in business, big time. I knew it was time for a major upgrade in operating system, or things would start to be a struggle.  

Yuck! I am so averse to struggle and needless suffering (thank goodness). So, I started having dreams that showed me a new operating system, and then I implemented it. 

I took everything that I was shown around creating community, human superpowers, and the new operating system for humanity and applied it to my own life. And I got right back into flow.SOUL is a result of being absolutely certain that these new paradigms need to be paid forward, and that we need each other to do it with grace and courage. That’s the way I was shown and it not only works, but the blessings abound. I can't wait to pay it forward to you.
With love, Jennifer 
Ackkkkk! I have questions! Such as…
How do I know which level? 
Basically, follow your instincts and what feels most expansive in your body. Do you just love to learn, feel a call inside that there is more, love the leading edge, know that if left to your own devices you’ll dilly-dally, and dig practical experiences that make a difference in your real life? Then, definitely, Honors is for you. Do you want support with changes in your life, and getting insights about how to thrive in a like-minded, awesome community? Then Bachelor’s is for you. Kinda like that.
What if I can’t make the Heart Spark calls?
Groovy! The calls are all recorded. Even if you have a question prior to the call, we’ll definitely include the answer in the call and you can listen later. If you have a question when listening to the replay, please ask it! I love that. Put it on the private Facebook page.
What if I have a question between calls?
Like I said, please ask it! Higher levels and I love that. Put it on the private Facebook page. We’ll either get back to you on the page or in the next call!
I don’t like social media/Facebook, does that matter?
Nope. But see if you can get yourself there. It really is fun. If it’s a “hard no” to Facebook, that’s okay; we send out emails to get your call replays to you, and you can ask your questions by email for Heart Sparks! We’ll post some of the juicier Q&A’s in our Wide Awakening Weekly.
I’m not very technical!
No worries; one of our staff would be happy to show you anything you need to make it work.
What if I already have some of the programs you are giving us at the various levels; is it still worth joining?
Oh, don’t worry. We have so much in store for you, you will feel more than served. We promise! Every year we add a new program, and the savings are so great that even if you have some of the programs, the value is still awesome. In BACHELOR’S, it’s a new Get Out every year, using the new technology… soooo worth it.
Do I have to be seen or heard on the calls?
Nope; they all happen on Zoom Webinar, with people from all over the world. We won’t call on you unless you put your hand up, or we have your permission beforehand. A little hint though; the exchange when coming live with me is usually life-changing. And, being seen is an activation on its own. Always follow your instincts.
What difference will it make?
Any exponential change I’ve ever made in my life was not done with what I already knew… nor by myself. We know how to facilitate exponentiation in groups. We’ll ask questions, post action steps, and talk about what’s in your way to set you free every week. Imagine being that supported? Feel into it. Ultimately, the action steps are yours to choose.
What if I grow beyond the program, my spouse, et al?
Our programs are all about the leading edge, so we evolve our technology pretty fast, and if you grow beyond, just don’t renew at the end of the year. But do yourself a favour and be “all in” with the programs and replays. Our intention is not separation from anyone you love; it’s more love. So, if you were meant to separate from someone, it was already gonna happen.
What if I change my mind and want to come to Get Out Live in person?
Just let us know, and we’ll just sign you up for Get Out in person instead, and unregister you for the online one. You’ll get ½ off (which we’ve never offered before) the total if you are in the Bachelor’s program only.
Hope that helps you. The idea is that you are part of the SOUL family, so let’s create that together in these ways of playing!
Our clients and their wicked magic fairy ninja results from working with us…
Thank You Jennifer Hough… From my heart, thank you. I wanted to share with everyone the massive impact you have had on my life. You have shown me the way to "Get Out of My Own Way", create deeply loving, fulfilling and expansive relationships. You have Upgraded me, Downloaded, Activated and Embodied me to the truth of who I am. I have had some of the best experiences of my life in your playground of Workshops, Retreats, and other interactions. Meeting and connecting with some of the most amazing people along the way. You have helped me create my dream life, full of love, joy, abundance and expansion, every day. I am truly grateful for everything you have taught and shown me. Thank you so much for doing what you do…
London, UK
Yipppee! Can’t wait… SIGN ME UP.
  • A way to experience free introductory classes on most Get Out of Your Own Way™ programs (Prosperity & Abundance, Purpose, Going Direct, Creationships and more) (ALL LEVELS)
  • A library that will educate you everything you don’t learn in school about how to live a fluid life, expanding forward in fulfillment (ADVANCES with EACH LEVEL of SOUL) 
  • Tools, skills and programs to have powerful communication, understand the practical everyday applications of advanced physics and how you live in flow with abundance of every kind. (ADVANCES with EACH LEVEL of SOUL) 
  • ​A place to brainstorm, connect and exponentiate your dreams with like-minded souls (SOUL BACHELOR’S AND HONORS)
  • A resource online for monthly upgrades and getting your questions answered, to keep up with the crazy speed of consciousness on a private Facebook page (SOUL BACHELOR’S AND HONORS)
  • Join the private pages and monthly Q&A call (Heart Sparks) with Holographic Reader and Best Selling Author, Jennifer Hough (SOUL BACHELOR AND HONORS)
  • ​Do Get Out of Your Own Way™ free online, or at a discount in-person (SOUL BACHELOR’S AND HONORS)
I’m super ready for this… GAME ON!
P.S. And YES, if you’re curious, there is a SOUL Masters and SOUL PhD program, but they include Flight School and Wings… a whole other kettle of fish. If you’ve taken Get Out of Your Own Way™ (the precursor), and want a discovery call about the Full Immersion in your Awakening with Jennifer and team, embodying your Super Powers, and the new operating system for humanity on Retreat and in private calls for 10 months, then go to

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