Get Out of Your Own Way™
by ‘GOING DIRECT’ with your 
Innate Wisdom
3-Day LIVE In-Person or via Online LIVE Stream Interactive Program Get Out of Your Own Way™
DATE: March 22 - March 24
TIME: 9AM - 5:30PM ET
Have you ever asked yourself:

  •   If everyone has a direct connection to Source, why am I not hearing it all the time?
  •  Is it possible to transcend confusion and free myself of self-doubt?
  •  Why do I continually find distractions from the things I need to do to hear my Innate Wisdom; why do other things get in the way?
  •  How can I consistently experience the guidance of my Innate Intelligence without second guessing myself?
  •  What are the practices that I can implement every day to embody the skills to thrive?
  •  Is there any way to reverse my habitually sabotaging self-talk?
  •  How do I transcend my resistance to “being seen” and shining my light?
  •  If I were free of resistance, would everything get easier? How can I make that permanent shift?
Why is Get Out of Your Own Way™ the Fast Track?

  •   It gives you the tools to live a life beyond the Ego, and free yourself from the physical manifestations of that resistance.
  •  You gain clarity on why you feel a sense of urgency for "getting on with it," even if you don’t know what that “it”’ is. 
  •  It enables you to ’go direct’ with your greatest guides without doubt or distraction, so you can get clear direction.
  •  The metaphysical tools and processes that come through consciousness enable you to free yourself of 100s of patterns in hours, not weeks or years.
  •  It provides the processes to at once transmute hundreds of beliefs that are in the way, so you can ‘go direct’ with your Innate Wisdom.
  •  Get Out provides the tools to embody the shifts, so that you can experience new-found freedom and clarity over the months that follow, as you apply the principles.
  •  We facilitate the embodiment of the truth of who you are, which allows you to let go of the need to judge yourself, or to worry about the judgment of others.
  •  Be supported long after the program ends.
  •  Work directly with Jennifer as she channels and facilitates this powerful program. 
What’s possible from taking Get Out of Your 
Own Way™ by ‘GOING DIRECT’ with your
Innate Wisdom?

  •  UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS SPEAKING THROUGH YOU: Through a series of powerful exercises, it will become clear that your guides have always been speaking through you, much more than you thought.
  •  SELF-DOUBT AND SELF-SABOTAGE: Break free of causes, magnetics and entanglements, so you can fly forward without the old stuff stopping you.
  •  ONGOING CLARITY: Witness yourself relax into a new relationship with your Innate Wisdom, so that the steps for engaging the path of your greatest fulfillment are revealed every day, every minute.
  •  LIVING YOUR GUIDANCE EFFORTLESSLY: Transmute hundreds of paradigms, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are affecting your ability to thrive, by being able to more clearly connect with your guidance.
  •  ACTIVATE A MORE FULFILLING RELATIONSHIP TO LIFE: Learn the simple steps that can be integrated simply into your life, that will cause a whole new level of peace and excitement for being alive.
  •  LEARN AT LEAST TWO (2) TOOLS PER MODULE: To assist you in fully integrating the permanent cellular shifts that happen, as we move through our three days together.
  •  HOMEWORK THAT WILL CAUSE A PERMANENT CELLULAR SHIFT: Every module will offer you experiential homework to cause the changes… and, it will be fun.
This life-changing program is the ultimate experience for people who are ready to take their lives to the next level now, and to be able to dance with all that life presents. 

You will interact with people just like yourself, who are seeking the best possible experience for the Highest good and joy in this lifetime!
The Physics of 'Going Direct'

The Five (5) Essential Habits of Those Who Live in Ongoing Clarity
Transcending Doubt and Self Sabotage
The Three (3) Systems Necessary For Consistently Living In Your Innate Wisdom

The Activation, Amplification and Integration With Upgraded DNA For Lengthening Telomeres, and Reading the Language of Consciousness

Get Out of Your Own Way™ by ‘GOING DIRECT’ with Your Innate Wisdom
The program includes: 

  •  DISCOVERY PROCESS: This helps you benchmark your progress, and helps us assist you with your clarity and focus throughout the program.
  •  INTERACTIVE Q&A: Interact with Jennifer and the Wide Awakening Team during the classes, and get clarity on your journey. 
  •  PROGRAM RECORDINGS: You will get both the MP3 audio and video links to download and listen, to deepen your embodiment of the new paradigms.
  •  POWERFUL EXERCISES: These are unique to this journey, deliberately sequenced to allow you to make permanent cellular shifts.
  •  ACTIVATIONS: Change your default magnetics so you experience a new relationship with your purpose, your guides, and your ability to ‘go direct’ with your innate knowing about life.
  •  PRIVATE RESOURCE HUB: Access to The School of Unlimited Life™ (SOUL) – your own Private Resource Library/Hub where all your recordings, articles, and downloads and bonuses will be located.
  •  COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP: Where everyone can connect with each other, Jennifer and the Wide Awakening Team. Here you can ask questions about the program, and share your experiences as we go along. We will also post bonus material that will support you.
  •  LIVE INTERACTIVE GUIDANCE: Transmute hundreds of old patterns that are sabotaging your natural flow, by having your hologram read.
  •  LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE: See yourself as the Universe sees you.
  •  TRANSMUTE REPETITIVE PATTERNS: Do this in a way that you do not have to address or analyze most of them. Experience leaving hundreds of limitations, old paradigms, and painful experiences that sabotage your clarity, far behind you. This technology is unique to TWA.
  •  A GAME TO PLAY WITH YOUR EGO: This game will put an end to your need to engage with the attachments that keep you in old patterns.
  •  THE MOST FREEING HOMEWORK EVER: The homework we give after each module is designed to shift you and to have you master the tools, skills and new ways of being that grant you the freedom to be all of yourself.
In summary, what you will experience from Get Out of Your Own Way™ by ‘GOING DIRECT’ with Your  Innate Wisdom:  

  •  Learn to live beyond the Ego and free yourself of the physical manifestations of that resistance.
  •  Gain clarity on why many others, like yourself, feel a sense of urgency for "getting on with life,” even if you may not know what life is calling you toward, and have your cells be your greatest source of support and energy in that journey to clarity.
  •  Move beyond old limiting patterns in hours, not weeks or years! 
  •  Transmute hundreds of beliefs about your age, your body, and your relationship to everything. Watch yourself shift to reflect the new-found freedom.
  •  Transcend the need to judge yourself or others.
  •  Stop being affected by the shifts in Awakening, and instead upgrade to become the instrument for Awakening, living fully in your power.
  •  Work directly with Jennifer, as she channels and facilitates this powerful program.

  •  EXPERIENCE TOOLS, ACTIVATIONS AND SHIFTS IMMEDIATELY: These will assist you in fully integrating with the vitality that the Universe intended for you. You will see how we are designed to thrive, as we move through our three (3) days together.
  •  ACTIVATE, AMPLIFY, INTEGRATE AND GET TOOLS: Advanced proprietary tools that use physics to transcend the need for slow linear processes.
  •  HOMEWORK THAT WILL CAUSE A PERMANENT CELLULAR SHIFT: Every module will offer you fun, experiential homework to cause the changes! 
COME EXPERIENCE this 3-Day LIVE In-Person, or via Online LIVE Stream Interactive Program with Jennifer Hough
The benefits of coming live, in-person:

  • A 20-minute, 1:1 with Jennifer, before the program ($270 value)
  •  Work directly with Jennifer in the program, and get personal guidance in exercises
  •  An “in program,” personal Hologram Reading
  •  Hang out with Jennifer and our TWA team at breaks and lunch, and get some extra tips
  •  Gourmet Lunch Available for Purchase by Chef Adam
  •  A personally signed copy of “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable,” by Adam Lamb, and “The Faces Behind the Pages,” with Jennifer Hough
Jennifer Hough is a speaker, alchemist, and author. She is a seer in the deepest sense, as she started seeing the world and individuals holographically. From here, she started creating experiential programs reflecting what she saw about human potential. Her unique Super Power is to activate the essence of who you were meant to be, such that your cells and biology upgrade to that deeper knowing. As this work unfolded, she discovered some paradigms that changed the face of how we relate to Awakening.

This Awakening process allows humans to transcend the need for analysis, and to transmute hundreds of aspects of “stuckness,” in days instead of years. You will experience these shifts (get ready!) in Get Out of Your Own Way™ to ‘Going Direct’ with Innate Wisdom, which will assist you in freeing yourself of old patterns and paradigms that are blocking you from experiencing harmony in every area of your life.
THE URGENCY INSIDE - THE KNOWING THAT MORE IS POSSIBLE: It’s that same sense of urgency Jennifer felt within that created the unique, exponentially more effective, methods that are used to transmute all the stuff that stops you from experiencing harmony in all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.

PROPRIETARY PROCESSES: These techniques activate the deeper truth of who you are, which causes a permanent cellular shift, and opens up your life to give and receive the love you are meant to experience.
Wouldn’t it be nice if all the patterns suddenly became uninteresting and lost their power? 

It is possible to transcend the need to fix yourself before you fly.
That is the beauty of Get Out Of Your Own Way™ 
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could experience yourself as the Universe sees you, in all areas of your life, no matter the circumstances?
It’s all about Awakening the YOU that you can feel inside… the one who is crying to break free. It’s all about collaborating with those who are like-minded; supporting one another in growth and love, and shining our lights as brightly as we feel the desire – fearlessly! Imagine what the planet would look like if everyone would realize they ARE their own little piece of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth. When all the pieces are in free, full expression, it can change the planet. That gives us chills!
Linda S.
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
“Hey, all! This will be my second GO, but have done other programs (Innate Abilities and Flight School) with Jennifer Hough – always moves a ton of energy. Looking forward to moving more!”

Emma F.
Tammisaari, Raseborg, Finland
“As I was marveling over something positive that happened, I heard myself say, ‘Unbelievable!,’ in a positive, surprised tone – a line of commentary I’d heard before. The moment after I’d made that mental note, something in me offered ‘logical’ instead. That’s what is happening here, isn’t it? It’s changing an important paradigm. It’s not unbelievable that I’m being supported; it’s logical. I’ve actually never felt this way during an internet course before.”
Ann R.
Fayetteville, Arkansas, US
“You have left me touched, moved and inspired. Sometimes I am so much more at peace on my own these days! I am changing at such a fast energy, and feel so connected to you and the friends I’ve made through the course, and a few others. You are a wonderful person. I am so blessed to have met you. Love and inspiration back.”

A SPECIAL BONUS! Your First Module Free
Your body is constantly communication with you. Go beyond the limitations of human language and have the experience of listening to your body, as your 75 trillion cells communicate fluidly and congruently with you. 

The Yessence Technique begins with the acknowledgement of the beauty of the physical vessel through which your spirit is flowing. As your perspective changes, so does your biochemistry. Free yourself from the limitations of old paradigms and belief systems that no longer serve you